PAM... Pam works mainly as our camera person and has only acted in out videos a couple of times. She's camera shy most of the time(except in "Wum Bum Bum", one major acception). She helped us with our original videos(before we had a YouTube channel) and even though she usually doesn't help us out with our videos, her anitial "P" is still the first one in our name!

CHRIS...Chris writes, directs, edits, and posts most of the videos. He's also the one who keeps up with all of our various sites(btw, this is him typing 
about himself). He also acts in about every video alongside Dana and Lee(and
sometimes Pam). Without Chris, PCDL is sure to crumble(bluff)
DANA... Dana is one of the craziest people you'll ever meet and what's shocking is yes, she is that crazy in real life! Most of the videos seem to revolve around her. She could easily become a famous improv character actor(but not really because she needs Chris' guidance and writing d:). She makes every video hilarious!
LEE... Lee is very loose in his acting but also quite funny. Yeah, he messes up our scenes by being ridiculous but makes them funny-er. Like Dana, very crazy and wacky but in a looser way.